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Is it Safe to Use Glass for Pool Fencing in Sydney?

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A swimming pool makes a great addition to enhancing the aesthetics of your residential space in Sydney. It also forms the source of offering recreational benefits. But do you know, the pool could also form into an accidental zone without proper safety measures? We are pointing towards the many incidents of children and home pets accidentally wounded in the pool area. There’s one simple solution to keep your loved one safe. Get the pool surrounded with frameless glass fencing in Sydney. Although you can use other fencing materials such as wood or metal but glass is a better alternative. Learn how in the adjoining segment.

What Makes Glass a Safe Material for Pool Fencing?

When you think of installing a fence around the pool, one of the important factors to consider is the material used. So, here are some good reasons that prove glass is the best material.

 Wooden or metallic fences get perished or rusted with the passing of time. On the contrary to it, glasses are non-rustic and pass the test of time. The glass pool fences are made using tough and durable glass for rendering strong support to the fence.

  • Another good reason is that you get a clear view of the pool. Frameless glass material works as a transparent barrier that allows light to pass through it.
  • Frameless glass is best to attain a sleek and sophisticated look for the fences. The installers use stainless steel spigots in Sydney for installation of the glass fences.
  • Several people have the perception that glass is weaker than other fencing materials. But, we use toughened and durable glass materials for manufacturing the products.
  • It’s easier to clean and maintain the Sydney glass fence as compared to other fencing materials. The occasional use of glass cleaner is good enough to keep it shining. This saves your cost of maintenance.

Install Glass Fences by the Experts in Sydney

You can enjoy these amazing benefits of glass pool fencing in Sydney with us. We will send our team of experienced glass fencing contractors to get the installation project executed. Call us at 0412 063 259 for more details!

Why Glass Pool Fencing is in High Demand among People of Sydney?

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Several homeowners in the city of Sydney have constructed a swimming pool. Many uses the pool area as a place to chill out in summer or throw a party beside the pool. In either of the conditions, one of the important factors to consider is pool safety. Installing a pool fence serves the purpose of many people. The glass fence in Sydney is highly popular because of its versatility, strength, and aesthetics. However, if you are in a state of a dilemma to install the fences, this post is for you. In this post, you will learn why glass pool fencing in Sydney is a safe method to secure the pool area. Continue reading the passages below.

A Few Reasons to Choose Glass Pool Fencing in Sydney

Undoubtedly, for giving a sleek look to the pool, glass is the best material. But why you need to secure the pool know here:

Widen up the pool area

You might have constructed a standard swimming pool at the backyard. But to create the illusion of a wider space, install glass pool fences. Glass allows light to pass through it that creates the illusion of enhanced space. Therefore, many homeowners in Sydney prefer to go with glass pool fences.

Prevent risk for people

A crystal clear view of the pool could prevent situations such as an accidental drowning in the pool. You can keep a close watch on children playing inside the pool. Fit the glass barrier with safety latches to avoid children getting inside the pool. In fact, if there’s anything vulnerable in the water, you can keep everyone at a safe distance.

Pass the Test of Time

Unlike other pool fencing materials, glass stands the test of time. The material used is tough and durable enough to bear mild attacks and weather. You will need extreme pressure to break the glass barrier.

Get in Touch with Us for Glass Pool Fence Installation

Keep your pool area protected with our glass pool fence supply and installation services. We have our proficient team of glass fence contractors in Sydney that can offer the service. We make products with high-quality glass and our products comply with the Australian Standards. Contact us today for more information!

Bring Glorious Look to Your House with Glass Balustrades

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Over the past few years, glass balustrades in Sydney are getting high in demand. People are getting them installed it in their balconies, deck, and interior staircases. These are some of the significant areas of a house where you need to elevate the level of security. Various other materials can be used for designing the balustrades but glass material creates a stunning look. Besides that it also helps in rendering support to the structure.

An open balcony, deck or interior staircase involves risk of falling down or accidents. However, if you want to enjoy a clear view along with ensuring safety frameless glass balustrades are the best option. Get more about the quality features of the product in this post.

How Glass Balustrades Enhance the Beauty of the Interiors

Get a closer look of the quality features of frameless glass balustrades in Sydney:

Illusionary Effect

One of the amazing properties of glass balustrades is that it creates illusionary effect in home design. The deck area is used for chilling out, having an outdoor dinner, and for other purposes. To create the illusion of a wider space, the balustrades are installed at the edge of the deck area. This make the space appear larger enhancing its aesthetics.

Perfect for Interior Decoration

When it’s the matter of interior decoration glass balustrading in Sydney gets popular among the homeowners. You can get them fitted by the sides of the staircases that give it a touch of sophistication and luxury. The crystal clear view through the glass material adds to the aesthetic appeal of the interiors.

Strong & Durable Structure

The balcony of a house gives you a clear view of the exterior from a certain height. But recklessness from your side could make you slip down from the open balcony. Get the area covered without interrupting the view with the help of glass balustrades in Sydney. These are made using strong and durable glass material that can absorb mild attacks.

Allow Us to Design Your Interior Staircases

Get your deck, staircase, and balconies protected with the installation of glass balustrades in Sydney. Contact us for the service as we have the leading professionals to accomplish the project. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.