Glass Pool Fencing: Accentuate Aesthetics of Pool with Safety Measures

Over the years, glass fence in Sydney have become popular among the property owners. These are easy to install, low maintenance cost, and assure safety. This glass pool fencing system acts as a protective barrier surrounded by the pool area. When you want to intensify the poolside bringing no disruption to the view choose frameless glass fences.

At OZ Glass Fencing, we offer excellent quality products that comply to the Australian Standards. To ensure better security values we use advanced safety latches to lock the fencing system. Our trained pool fence contractors in Sydney will assist you in the installation process. We also supply stainless steel spigots in Sydney to strengthen the base support of the frameless glass fences. To enjoy our services call us at 0412 063 259!

Why Install Glass Pool Fences in Sydney?

  • Frameless glass fence is best to give a stylish look to the poolside
  • Keep your children and lovely pets at a safe distance from the pool
  • Brings you peace of mind in terms of safety and security features
  • Stands the test of time with the use of high quality glass for fences
  • Rust-proof, weatherproof, Mould-proof, and easy to maintain

Glass Pool Fences


Now, highlight the beauty of your pool area with glass pool fencing in Sydney. Enjoy a mesmerizing view of the pool sitting on the other side of the glass barrier. Besides, supplying high quality glass pool fences we also offer installation service. Make your house look dynamic with our quality products.


Glass is a better material to use for pool fence installation in Sydney. You get a transparent view of the pool through the glass pool fences. The frameless pool fencing system enhances the overall aesthetics of the property. For any help related to product supply or installation get in touch with us.