Are Glass Fences Best Compare To Traditional Fences? Explained Here!

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Glass fencing Hardware Sydney

Fences are a common feature of any property, whether to provide a swimming pool safety barrier, make a property line fence, or patio enclosure. These days, you have several fencing options available. Some typical materials used for fences include mesh, metal, wood, glass, and plexiglass. Of course! They all have different pros, installation processes, and lifespans.

Most consumer preferences largely depend on the design, cost, quality, and appearance of the fence. But, safety should be your prime concern when considering a fencing solution for your homes.

However, frameless glass fencing is an innovative product that offers every feature you want. So, fencing experts recommend this option the most!

Are you curious to know how Sydney glass fences stack up against traditional options? Read on to explore each fencing type, and then choose the best one!

Discover Each Fencing Type Before Choosing The Glass Fence!

Glass Fences

This option has become increasingly popular due to its sleek, modern appearance, durability, and low maintenance requirements. These fences get made with tempered safety glass, which is six times stronger than regular float glass and resistant to scratches. They are also installed with marine-grade stainless steel hardware to prevent corrosion. To keep your glass fence looking its best, clean it with soapy water every eight weeks. While glass fencing may be more expensive than other types, it is a long-lasting investment that will enhance the look of any property.

Wood Fences

Wood fences are a classic choice for defining property lines and provide a natural, charming look to any home. While they may be affordable and visually appealing, wood fences are prone to wear and tear, rot, and damage from pests. They also do not hold up well to water exposure, making them less durable compared to other materials. Despite these drawbacks, wood fences remain a popular option due to their traditional appearance and cost-effective nature.

Mesh Fences

Mesh fences are a practical choice for temporary or removable barriers due to their low cost and easy installation. However, they are not known for their strength or durability and may not be suitable as a permanent fencing solution. Mesh fences may get made of low-quality aluminium posts prone to breakage, and the mesh panels may not be tension resistant. These fences may also require frequent adjustment or replacement if people lean on or fall into them. A mesh fence may be suitable if you need a quick, budget-friendly fencing solution. However, for better quality, consider the Sydney glass fence.

Metal Fences

Compared to wood or mesh fences, metal fences are generally more durable and offer an extensive range of options to suit different budgets and needs. One option is the chain-link metal fence, which is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. However, it is not as durable as other metal fences and may not have the most attractive appearance. Another option is the wrought iron metal fence, which offers higher durability and a more elegant look. If you want a fence that is strong and attractive, a metal fence may be a good choice.


Plexiglass is a plastic material often used as an alternative to tempered glass because it is less expensive and has a similar appearance. However, it is not as durable as tempered glass and is not suitable for outdoor use. When exposed to the elements, plexiglass can become scratched, cloudy, and discoloured due to factors such as salt in the air, UV rays, and chlorinated water. It may only last for one year or less before requiring replacement.

Wrapping Up!

So, glass fencing is the best option among all. And you are supposed to hire efficient fencing contractors for excellent Sydney glass fence services. Our installers can guide you through the entire procedure. And we offer a wide selection of designs and looks to suit your budget and needs.

So, contact us to enjoy superior fencing services. Get in touch with us through our social media pages (Twitter, FacebookInstagram). And don’t forget to go through our other blog posts!




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