A Guide to Different Frameless Glass Balustrades Available in Sydney

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Do you want to give your Sydney property a modern, sleek look? Then installing frameless glass balustrades is a great option. You will have a few options to choose from while installing frameless glass balustrades in Sydney.

This blog has listed a few popular balustrade types you can opt for to enhance the overall charm of your property at a minimal investment. So, stick to this blog till the end and explore the types!

Different Types of Frameless Glass Balustrades in Sydney

Here are the types you can try to spice up your property look in the quickest way possible!

1. Post-and-clamp System: 

This frameless glass balustrade stands in place by metal posts and clamps. The glass panels get inserted into the clamps. Then the professionals tighten them to hold the glass securely in place. This system is relatively easy to install and can get used on various surfaces, including concrete, wood, and metal.

However, the metal posts and clamps may be visible from certain angles, impacting the overall aestheticism.

2. Channel System: 

Metal channels hold the panels in a specific place. These generally get fixed to the surface. It is more discreet than the post-and-clamp system, as the metal channels are less visible.

As a trusted and sincere fencing contractor, we often suggest this type because it can offer enhanced security. But unfortunately, the channel system is not suitable for all surfaces. If you need more details on our supplies of services, visit our Facebook page now!

3. Point-fixed System: 

A point-fixed system uses metal fittings to hold the glass panels in place. The fittings get fixed, and the glass panels are attached to the surface using bolts or screws. This type of system is very sturdy and secure. So if you want high-standard security on your property, you can opt for it.

But it may be too expensive to install. It is why many people do not consider this option as the top choice. If you have a hefty budget and are ready to spend it, you are good to try it! Click on our Instagram page to view the best balustrading options!

4. Spigot System: 

A spigot system is similar to the post-and-clamp system, but the metal posts get replaced with spigots. These are small metal discs that get fixed to the surface. The professionals then insert the glass panels into the spigots, which hold them securely in place. As the spigots are small and unobtrusive, they are very discreet.

One of the key benefits of this glass balustrading is its transparency. The lack of metal frames allows for unobstructed views, making your home more spacious and open. It is particularly effective if you have a small balcony or outdoor area since it will let you make the most of it!

Many homeowners consider this option because it is best for an enhanced curb appeal. But you need the best professionals to perform this installation service. Otherwise, all your investment will go in vain.

What to Consider while Choosing One Type for Your Property?

When selecting a frameless glass balustrade for your Sydney home, consider the type of surface you’ll be installing it on, your budget and aesthetic preferences. By weighing all the aspects of each type of system, you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Or, if you need professional guidance for the selection, consider contacting us as soon as possible.

Wrapping Up

With frameless glass balustrades, you can create a modern look for your Sydney property that will enhance its value and appeal. So why wait? Contact our professional fencing contractor to start planning your new balustrade installation today!


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